Artist Statement:

"I believe I am at my best when walking in landscape. Therefor I try to convey the intensity of the experience when surrounded by landscape.
It is very difficult to articulate, so I try to paint it. Hopefully in doing so I manage to convey this odd intensity. Painting at its best leaves me with a feeling of accomplishment and integrity.
My influences are everything I see and feel, especially weather.  I think most things experienced have a way of somehow being used in the making of a painting.
My primary interest is in mountainous regions of northern Europe, my homeland of Scotland, Norway, The Faroe Islands and Iceland.
My paintings are built up using layers of acrylic then oil. Whilst I use traditional techniques of painting,
I also like to employ less traditional techniques and rely on chance to hopefully elevate a painting beyond what can be achieve with traditional methods. 
I’m constantly looking for new ways to use colour and texture to achieve my aims."

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