About Victoria

Victoria Kaipetskaya is a young Russian artist, born on February 29, 1988. She lived in Ireland for two years with her husband and two children.
Now she lives in Glasgow with her family, and loves the city. She graduated from the Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry.

Victoria paints in the style of impressionism, and will often paint en plein air. In the studio, for still life work, she likes to use natural objects in her painting, and gorgeous fruits and flowers feature heavily. Her paintings are full of joy and life, sparkling with texture and colour.

Victoria's exhibitions include the Young Artists' Exhibition, Moscow, Russia, and in 2009, 'The Necklace of Equator - the Bali Island', at the State Art Gallery, the city of Tver', Russia

She also participated in the following artistic expeditions:
In 2008 - Russian artistic expedition to the islands of Indonesia, celebrating the 60-year anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Russia and Indonesia
In 2009 - Russian artistic expedition to India, commemorating the anniversary of independence of the Indian Republic
and in 2011- Russian artistic expedition to the Philippines

Please click HERE to see Victoria's gallery