About Roisin

Irish Artist, Róisín O’Farrell was born to a family of talented artists. Her exposure to art from an early age offered her a visual apprenticeship to both classical and contemporary art.

The daily painting movement was an early influence for Róisín; it’s commitment to daily practice fitting well with her disciplined approach and commitment to improving her craft.

Róisín’s work to date, although diverse in subject, is unified in its bold approach to colour and application of paint. Her work is instantly recognisable for it’s fresh bright colour and vibrant energy.

First discovered in early 2009, Róisín’s work has been in in high demand in established galleries throughout Ireland and the UK. Her success has become the thing that in itself sustains her ability to create. Her work is exhibited widely in established galleries in the UK and Ireland

Róisín’s work reflects the home in which she lives with her children and the warmth, fun and imperfect character that ‘home’ suggests. The quietness, light and sense of calm in her paintings reflect the space that Róisín has carved out of her life, both figuratively and practically, for her work.

Her style is painterly. She uses the palette knife and lots of buttery paint to describe scenes of eccentric chairs, colourful rooms and rain boots abandoned by bustling family. Her work is known for it’s use of strong clear colour and a sense of light.

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