About Pons

Mora Pons was born 1950 in the South of Spain. As a boy he liked to walk in the forest where he lived, enjoying nature. He was particularly fascinated by the different colours of the four seasons. So he tried, even in his young childhood, to portray the various atmospheres in his sketch book with pencil and crayons.

After finishing school he studied at the Fine Art and Superior School of San Carlos in Valencia. In addition he completed studies learning the old techniques of the Spanish masters of the Golden Age.

It seems that in his paintings there is a 'standing still' of time; in spite of that they impress with visual effects and brilliant colour compositions. Mora Pons tries to convey to the viewer his love of nature, and so contributes to an overwhelming feeling towards a work of art.

Exhibitions in Alicante, Barcelona, Frankfurt, London, Lyon, Madrid, Munich, Miami and Philadelphia

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