About Philip

Philip Raskin studied at The Glasgow School of Art in the 1960's but did not complete his course due to his father's sudden and untimely death. He subsequently entered the world of business - becoming well known as the proprietor of the Inn on the Green restaurant, over which he and his wife presided for nearly twenty years.

Happily, he has returned full time to his easel and brushes and exploits his chosen medium by combining the heavy impasto application of paint with a delicacy and sensitivity more usually associated with watercolour.

His intuitive use of colour and narrow palette radiates a sense of peace and tranquillity.Philip's original work and limited editions are on sale in galleries throughout the UK and beyond. He is rapidly achieving a loyal following.

"I tend to paint very private places for the viewer to own and enjoy. No people, no houses, no telegraph poles; just expansive skies, mist tumbling on a distant hillside and a silence broken only by lapping water and gulls ascending".

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