About Pauline

Pauline Patrick was born in Helensburgh, Scotland in 1963. She trained at the famous Glasgow School of Art under the tutelage of John Cunningham, graduating BA (hons) in 1985.

Pauline developed a successful career in art education which culminated in teaching at both Strathclyde and Glasgow universities. In 2009 she embarked on a doctoral study based on art practice and art education, graduating in 2014. This study combined the research methodologies of writing prose and making art; an experience which led to the realisation that it was time to return to Pauline’s first love - painting.

Pauline is now a full time painter. For subject matter, she concentrates on the Scottish landscape and its coastline where the sand is white and the rocks are hewn from the thunderous crashing of waves. She travels around Scotland visiting picturesque areas, such as the East Neuk of Fife,  Perthshire, the Hebrides, and Argyllshire. This allows her to gain exposure to the sights and sounds of nature, gathering research in the form of sketches, photographs and journals. She then returns laden with material to her studio in Milngavie.

Pauline's mother was an artist and teacher and taught her the importance of drawing and mixing colour. Her paintings are produced in oil and acrylic, using strong, bold colour and as much paint as she can load onto the board. This impasto technique gives rich texture to the pieces, resulting in a vibrant, distinctive style which is instantly recognisable.

The Patrick style is becoming synonymous with contemporary Scottish art with increasing interest coming from the media and galleries at home and abroad.

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