About Lesley

I am both a painter and sculptor and work equally in both.

My raku fired ceramic animals are all unique, one-off handbuild originals.
I use a medium grog earthenware clay into which I mix paper fibers. I build my sculptures by wrapping scrunched up newspaper with thin sheets of clay.
I pay particular attention to the eyes and general character of the animal.
After bisque the animal is fired in a gas kiln to nearly 1000oC at which point the kiln door is opened and the red hot sculpture is placed in a reduction chamber,
wood shavings are placed on top of the sculpture which ignite immediately filling the chamber with flames, the lid is closed tight.
The fire is starved of oxygen and is eventually extinguished producing thick black smoke. This smoke penetrates the hot ceramic resulting in a rich crackle glaze.

All my sculptures are completely hand built. This combined with the unpredictable nature of raku guarantees a unique and unrepeatable piece.

I also create sculptures from wire, bronze, wood and welded recyled steel.

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