About James & Miller

Two artists, one idea; unique, vibrant works of art to excite the imagination. Matthew and Alison have known each other since college and through university and have decided to come together in creating fresh new ideas. 

From a very young age Matthew has always loved drawing, sketching and painting above any other interests; his first ‘works’ were simple stick men drawings on family greetings cards. His painting style developed early on as a teenager before advancing further his enjoyment for finer, detailed styles in collage and university at Liverpool John Moores.

Happy to sit and work on a simple part of a painting for hours whether it be portraiture or imaginative work Matthew can be found working into the night to satisfy the desire to capture what his mind sees.

Alison is a unique individual who has been creative in all aspects of her life as far back as she can recall. Her style of work will often appear as from another world, reflecting an imagination of someone full of amazing ideas and images to share. She developed diverse ideas and ways of executing them through collage and studying multi-media arts on the only course of it’s kind in Britain at Loughborough University.

Together, Matthew and Alison have developed a style of work that reflects and compliments one another’s abilities, from loose and free flowing to controlled, detailed imagery. 

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