About Hans

Hans (Heinz) Jurgen Menzinger was born in July 1943 in Brunn. Considered as a very talented in drawing and painting at High School - in 1961 he attended the Commercial School for Advertisement in Dortmund where he obtained his first degree. with Professor Hilpert.

He then went on to study art at the College of Art in Dortmund and gained his second degree in 1963. A further honorary degree was awarded at the Royal Academy in Gent, Belgium where he was enlisted as a guest auditor

He always was fascinated by the old masters and so he made journeys to the famous Dutch museums. As a result he continued studying painting at the Academy of Gent, and later on at the Academy in Roulers. 

After his studies he worked as a freelancing artist for graphics and painting with great success. Impressionism became his favourite style, influenced by the French and Dutch Impressionists, and his own impressionistic style landscapes have given him worldwide renown. 

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