About Gordon

Gordon McDowall is a hugely talented Scottish watercolour artist. Twice winner of the Sunday Times Watercolour of the Year Competition. McDowall trained at Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, taught at City of Glasgow College, and has exhibited in The Royal Glasgow Institute and The Royal Scottish Watercolour Society. His work is in numerous private and public collections.

Fascinated by buildings and classical decoration, Gordon records their grandeur in meticulously worked watercolours

In addition to their strong sense of design and visual appeal, his accomplished watercolours convey an intriguing, timeless quality that both excites and challenges our imagination. His inspiration is buildings, or, more accurately, fine architecture, and in particular the magnificent Renaissance churches, palaces and civic buildings of Italy. Within this theme he works in a sensitive, objective way to record the examples of our architectural heritage that most impress him and that he hopes will resonate with others through his paintings.

Gordon travels quite frequently, most often to Italy, to Florence, Lucca, Urbino, Assisi.


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