About Ellectra

Born some 25 years ago in Bulgaria, as a teenager, Donka Nucheva Ellectra decided to learn the mastery of figurative painting. naturally gifted, and with a great passion for art, she entered the National High School for fine arts and began working as an artist from 15 years of age as a part time job.

Two years later after the loss of her parents painting became full time job and obsession. She discovered a fascination of the Trompe L’oeil (illusion of the eye ) murals, breaking out of the boundaries of perspective, and she became known as the first artist to bring it in to Bulgaria creating murals in hotels, restaurants and private properties.

Shortly after graduating, she decided to move to the UK in search of new challenges and opportunities. Ellectra is currently based in Glasgow, and we are delighted to be representing this young, emerging artist here at MacGregor Fine Art.


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