About Elena

I am a Russian-born artist based in Scotland. I take my inspiration from eccentricities and peculiarities of life and that very special Russian chaos that I so nostalgically and sentimentally miss...

My characters are always taken from everyday events. Sometimes they might seem emotionally isolated, keeping themselves to themselves-even when they are clustered in groups-but they are not lacking emotions,
they only express them in their own way.

Some of them present themselves full of self-importance, others just go about their business; some might imply something very absurd and not entirely cheerful in their very idea,
but things are not always what they seem..they tell us one thing but we see another... In other words, life as we see it but don't always notice.
My subjects are sentimental and filled with emotions. Russians are guided by their emotions, not by common sense, and this has an effect on all my work (whether I am paying myself a compliment here, I am not sure... )

Born in 1966. Qualified architect with several accomplished projects, also worked as a commercial interior designer.
Moved to Glasgow, UK, in 1996.  Exhibited at the prestigious Royal Glasgow Institute, Paisley Art Institute and Aspect Prize .
Represented by established Scottish and British galleries; works in private and corporate collections in UK, Australia, Greece, USA, Germany, Spain, Sweden and Russia.

There were a number of articles in local and national press (The Herald, Evening Times, Uptown, Home &Interiors Scotland, Home Style, Home Plus, N01, Grand Designs, etc)
concerning my work and images had appeared in the TV Channel 4's Grand Design.  

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