About Bruce

Before taking up painting in 2010 Bruce had a busy career running Design Studio, which was for many years at the cutting edge of design and interior finishes in the Aberdeen area. Over the years Bruce developed a keen eye for trends and a deep understanding of what customers and clients were looking for.

After 'retiring' from full time work, Bruce continued to operate as a freelance designer/consultant for selected clients, but took the opportunity of his free time to channel his creative talents into his new love of painting. Working mostly in oils, Bruce finds much of his inspiration from the coastline seascapes in the North East of Scotland, with the cliffs and rock formations lending themselves to the use of palette knives to create layers of texture. The special quality of light of the northern skies, and the endless variety of cloud formations are also reflected in many of his works. Bruce is always keen to experiment with colours and textures, and his style is constantly evolving.

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