About Allison

Allison graduated from Edinburgh in 1988 with a First and then spent a year studying in Łódź, in Poland. From then on she’s been living and painting in Edinburgh, and has a studio with WASPS at Dalry, Edinburgh. Her paintings are mostly of East Lothain, and Tiree.

“Tiree is perfect to paint: it always seems to be sunny, and the sea is so blue - people who haven’t been to Tiree have said that the sea could never be as blue as it is in my paintings. I also like the fact that being an island,Tiree is a finite,enclosed space - I like to return to the same beaches again and again and paint them in different weathers and seasons. The emptiness of the beaches re- duces the landscape to sea, sand and sky.”

I now have a stusio with WASPS, at Haymarket in Edinburgh,and exhibit all over Scotland, and in London

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